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War of Colony is a mobile title in strategy category of smartphone. It is free to play the game with lots of features and impressive gameplay. The game is entirely based on building an awesome strategy. However, it is not an easy thing until you have a good army. To create an army of powerful troops, you need more in-game currencies.

War of Colony Tutorial

Gem is the premium currency of the game, and it is really rare in the game. You have to spend lots of time laying hands on this one. If you don’t have sufficient amount of gems, you can’t progress that’s why it is important that you focus on earning a good amount. Apart from gems, the below given are some vital tips that can help with progress.

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Tutorial and Productions

At the beginning of the game, you are getting a tutorial to learn the pure basics of the game. Make sure to learn the vital tips from tips because these tips will help you get used to the basics. On the other hand, they will tell you that how production and other things work in the game. As the tutorial complete, you should head over to the ramp up of production. The early you focus on production, the better you progress lately.

Building A Great Army

You have to spend lots of time building a great army. It is not an easy thing because you have to focus on various factors. Having enough units to fill the city’s defense regiment, you will be taking down most of the issues down and heading over to the path of progress. Spend the gems you have on the army and make sure that you come up with a good army that can fulfill your need with ease. It is not easy in the beginning, but you are able to build a good army by observing others.

Pick up the Prizes

Picking up all the prizes is War of Colony is definitely helpful lately. This game is not like other ones where you can’t lay hands on a sufficient amount of resources. You get a great opportunity to obtain lots of prizes. But, make sure that you stay selective in approach and get all the prizes by completing most of the events and daily tasks offered by the developers in this game. It becomes easier to get rid of all the issues and taking down an opponent with the help of the better army.


Wild Mines

To obtain more resources, you have the wild mines, and these are definitely going to work perfectly and fulfill your need. The great alternative that everyone thinks about is the in-app purchases. But, it will be better that if you avoid such methods, otherwise chances of getting into issues are higher lately.  Many gamers have the review that they end up spending thousands of bucks without any reason. It can also set you in trouble that’s why you should avoid it also.

Auto Equip Option

With the help of the auto-equip option, you will be able to get the amazing equipment on troops, and you don’t have to worry about a single thing. It is highly reliable and better option to go for. If you are a beginner then must turn it on to avoid getting into such issues lately. Make sure that you keep all the resources in a warehouse because no one is capable of looting it easily. On the other, you must take the defenders to level 10 by spending more resources on them. It is really easy.

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