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Most of the game lovers are interested in the strategy genre. Mainly these types of games are associated with lots of features and entertaining elements. War and Order is a perfect example of all these things. Every player is trying to find a perfect that can help him or her in getting a quick success. For achieving such objectives, you should consider the way of upcoming tips.

War and Order Tutorial


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Tips to play

  1. Focus on quests

You should be focused on the quests. These ones are specific tasks, and you can earn a good amount of currency by completing these. Pay attention to these and try to complete them quickly.

  1. Be a part of the alliance

The players are able to avail services from the feature of alliances. Mainly these alliances are created by a group of players.

You can join the pre-created alliances or go for creating own. It does not matter which way you are going to choose. You should make sure that you are becoming a part of an alliance. There are lots of benefits available here.

  1. Keep buildings busy

While playing the game, you need to deal with different types of buildings. Mainly these buildings are becoming helpful in several ways. When it comes to resources or currency generating ones, then you should keep these buildings busy every time. In case the buildings are free and not producing anything then it is wastage of time & resources. You should try to utilize the time and make things easier.

  1. Level up skills

For playing the game, you need to take help from some specific skills. In case you are facing issues related to the skills. By playing the game in a proper manner, you are able to get some essentials for leveling up the skills. It can assist you in several ways such as – improving the characters and their efficiency. With it, you can take help from the research for all these things.

  1. Collect freebies

When it comes to play the game, then you can see a specific reward system. The reward system is associated with numerous free reward providing features. Mainly these specific features can help you in several ways such as – gathering freebies.


Some players do not pay attention to all these things. Due to it, they cannot gather the desired value of currency quickly. You should not make such a mistake and try to claim rewards on time.

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