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Turn-based strategy is something new in the gaming industry, and you can find many games developed in this genre. The Battle of Polytopia mod apk is a new mobile title which is completely free to download, and it offers a huge number of features that are making it better from all other games. In order to be the best gamer here, you have to focus on learning the basics to create a good strategy. On the other hand, the below given are 6 easy to follow tips that are highly reliable, and you can try both without any issue.

You have to role all around the world. However, it is not an easy thing until you focus on the earning of a sufficient amount of currencies. You have to unlock new words and get enough star to keep progressing.

The Battle of Polytopia Tutorial

The Battle of Polytopia mod apk 2020 guide, you will learn about the basics that can enhance the chances of being the best gamer and you can rely on it without any issue. Let’s check out all the major tips that can come handy and fulfill your needs with ease.

Choosing the Tribute

As you want to progress faster and obtain a sufficient amount of resources, the tribute plays an important role, and The Battle of Polytopia has many of them. Most of the gamers keep on playing with the old technology, but there are some better one to prefer. With the help of oumaji, you won’t face a single issue, and it becomes easy to progress. You start with one rider here, and it is quite effective.

Don’t Forget the Second Tech

You may find that this game is weird and illogical, but it isn’t the truth yet. You have to focus on the selection of right tech. In the second tech, you have to pay more attention and focus on the characteristics otherwise you won’t be able to progress. Unlocking the tech that is helpful in the upgrade of the city or your cities plays an important role also. It is highly recommended that you should choose oumaji as the first one because it works perfectly and has many benefits.

Capturing Enemies Cities

The biggest obstacle of this game is to capture the enemy and their cities. It is the only way that can enhance the chances of winning and boost performance. You have to be sure that the city you are going to capture is easy and you can control it not. Otherwise, the chances of getting into issues are higher. The better tech you have, the easy it becomes to capture a city. Due to this reason, you should look for the right city, and everything is done after that.

Build New Things

You have to focus on building new things around the city to make it secure, better and progressing in the game. It is not about collecting more resources and using them. You have to focus on strategy because matters a lot to progress. In the beginning, you can find so many, and you may not be able of building much, but as per the time, you will learn it, and there are higher chances that you will progress with a good build.

Upgrades are Necessary

You have the in-game currencies, and it requires you to spend all of them wisely. It becomes the biggest issue because most of the gamers are not able to decide where to spend their currencies. In such cases, they should prioritize all the things on the basis of needs. It is a little bit time consuming, but you can rely on it without any issue.

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