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Stick War: Legacy MOD Apk-Unlimited Gems

Steak War: Legacy is a well-known game from a series of lesser-known stickers, however this time, your primary assignment won’t be to kill beasts or zombies. Deal with the military of the large armed force, you have become the leader of the whole mainland, and in all the nations around you, the game is constantly perfect and natural.

Steak War is generally fun, testing and addictive games layout of a stick. You control a structure or unit to play your military, you control each Stickman. Units, my gold creation, Sword, Spear, Archer, Mage, and furthermore how you can discover wide. Crush the enemy statue, and catch all regions!

Stick War: Legacy Gameplay


stick war legacy

TitleStick War: Legacy
DeveloperMax Games Studios
GenreStrategy Game
PlatformAndroid 4.1 +
Number of Installation50000+

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About the game

The game highlights noteworthy ongoing interaction with straightforward control. You’ll be coordinating a huge number of stickmen in your main goal to broaden your area and power. Be a ruler and lead your country to triumph by joining the universe of stickmen.

You’ll have the choice to make your very own multitude with various units, each with their own motivations. For instance, you’ll have the excavator to look for significant gold mines, manufacturer to make fortifications, and other military-related units like toxophilite, infantry, mounted force, etc.


Stick War: Legacy has a ton of fascinating modes for you. Doing combating in the domain of Inamorta is incredibly enrapturing anyway it is just an extraordinary mode. You can play various modes like Survival / Tournament. With continuance mode, your stickman furnished power must get by in the domain of zombies. On the off chance that you need to be increasingly serious, Tournament mode is the place you conflict with different players around the globe.

Graphics and sound

The cartoony workmanship style makes the stick figures look incredibly well-disposed of. However, don’t consider them standard stickmen as they can be wild warriors when they’re on the front line. Besides the reasonable methodology viewpoint, the game furnishes a stupendous scale war zone with astounding weapon impacts. In increases, during our tests, there are no observable slacks as the game runs moderately smooth.
Each of your in-game activities is precisely depicted with practical audio effects. For instance, you can hear the sound of your excavator when he’s mining the gold, or hear the hints of metal weapons colliding with one another in the strained front line. In augmentations, in each phase of the game, there are additionally natural sound-track to upgrade your encounters.
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