Mobile Legends Free Diamonds & Battle Points Guide!

For playing the Mobile Legends properly, the players need to build some powerful strategies. Implementation of strategies is highly beneficial in making the way of victory easier. A strategy becomes successful if the players have required forces and heroes. In case you do not have good sources to create a powerful then you should unlock the best heroes first.

All these game progress related activities can be performed by spending some in-game funds. The game includes two types of funds such as –

  • Diamonds – premium currency
  • Battle points – the main currency

Mobile Legends Diamonds & BP Tutorial

Upcoming facts can help you a lot in understanding the use and some other factors related to the diamonds, battle points.

Earning Free Diamonds and Battle Points

As we discussed above, it is a premium currency. The diamonds and battle points are also used for availing services of some premium features. Following are some.

  • Unlock heroes

For dominating the enemies and winning the battles, the players are required to unlock different types of heroes. When it comes to unlock the good power holding heroes, then the players need to take help from the premium currency.

  • Premium skins

Skins are helpful in improving the appearance and providing a better look to the character and some objects. The game is featured with different types of skins. Some skins are tagged with price of the premium currency. You can consider the way of diamonds for getting some skins.

  • Upgrade the heroes

Upgrading the heroes is one of the most important tasks performed by the players. It is helpful in improving their strength and getting beneficial outcomes. For upgrading the premium and some other heroes, the players need to spend premium currency.

These are some major uses of diamonds. In the store, you can see numerous items those cannot be unlocked or purchased by paying the battle points. The players can get these specific things by spending a good amount of diamonds and battle points.

Ways to Earn Diamonds & Battle Points

Everyone wants to get maximum benefits. For such a task they are trying to earn a good amount of diamonds. It is not easy to get diamonds. The premium currency can be collected in the following ways.

  • Winning battles

There are different types of modes available in the game with different types of battles. The players need to put lots of efforts by which they can win the battles. Winning battles can help them in receiving the diamonds as a reward. Mainly it can happen by considering missions, consecutive battles, and arena contests.

  • In-app purchase

In case the players are not able to earn free diamonds and battle points by putting efforts then they can take help from in-app purchase option. This particular option can be used by spending real money in exchange for currency.

It depends on the players that with which kind of way they are feeling comfortable. In case the players do not have any kind of issues with the use of real money then it is the quickest way to earn a big amount of diamonds and battle points. For it, they need to visit the in-game store and complete the transaction.

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