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The Lords Mobile is one of the best strategy based games. It can help the players in spending great time and making some new friends. If we talk about the main objective of players in the game, then it is related to the expansion of the empire. With the help of the following details, you can get introduced to various elements.

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  1. Join a guild

You can see different types of useful features in the game. Guild one of the best ones and it works as a helping hand. Joining a guild can help you in getting interacted with other players and develop some specific strategies. You are able to share stuff with guild members and avail several other benefits.


  1. Create the army wisely

For winning the battles, the players need to be focused on armies and heroes. The army is providing great support to the hero by which they can conquer the opponent with ease. Forgetting favorable results, the individuals need to create the armies carefully. You should try to add all types of troops to the army by which you can dominate the enemy.

  1. Participate in events

In the game, there are different types of events organized by the system. All types of events are available with some different objectives or missions. The players those are able to perform better in these events and hold a good position they can claim lots of rewards.



Mainly these types of rewards are becoming helpful in several ways such as – currency, essentials and other in-game stuff. Use of these elements can help you in getting lots of benefits and quick progress.

  1. Research

For the research, there is a specific building provided by the system. With the help of this particular feature, you are able to focus on lots of factors such as – resources and armies. The building is regularly working on following elements of empire.

  • Economic conditions
  • Status of armies
  • Monster hunt trees

All these things are becoming helpful in improving the conditions and getting a quick success.

  1. Upgrade the heroes

While playing the game, you need to participate in battles. In the battles, performance is completely based on the heroes and their skills. With the progress, the level of difficult starts increasing. The players need to make sure they are upgrading the heroes for improving the skills and dominating the opponents quickly. With the upgrade, you can unlock some new and effective skills.

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