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Well, This is the most frequent question which arises when you want to find your lost APPLE PENCIL and you are stuck on the working iPad. First up whole let us know WHAT IS AN APPLE PENCIL.” THE APPLE PENCIL IS A APPLE – DESIGNED PENCIL THAT WORKS WITH APPLE’S IPADS.” On the top of it there is a small plastic tip which is replaceable that connects with the ipads display. The apple pencil is used in place of fingers for different tasks like writing and sketching.

Versions of Apple pencil

  1. There are two versions of Apple pencil, the first version released in 2015 and the second version in 2018. They both do the same thing but have different designs and charging mechanism. 2. The biggest difference between them is their device compatibility. 3. The second generation Apple pencil is smaller and more compact. It has no lightning 

port at the end like the first version. 4. Apple pencil second version works with only 2018 iPad pro models and first version 

works with every previous model. 

  • The Apple Pencil 2 is suitable for: 1. iPad Pro 12.9in 2. iPad Pro 11in 
  • The Apple Pencil 1 is suitable for: 1.iPad 9.7 in 2.iPad Pro 12.9 in 3.iPad Pro 10.5 in 4.iPad Pro 9.7 in 5.iPad Mini 5 6.iPad Air 

Now let’s coming back to the topic till now there is not an official or confirmed way to find a lost apple pencil. Apple hasn’t announced any tracking app or function to find a lost Apple pencil. But as we all know every problem has a solution so here it is If your apple pencil is lost or stolen then new BLUETOOTH FINDER APP can be your saviour. Currently this is the only app available on the app Store which has the ability to track apple pencil. You have to just install the app from the app store then open it after that the app will guide you to your lost pencil. You can use this app on iPad pro which is 

paired with your apple pencil and then you can simply track your pencil. This app can also help to find your other missing bluetooth device. The app will use the wireless connectivity of your lost device and help you to find it effortlessly. But as we all know every good thing has also a bad aspect so now let us take a look on the drawback of this app. 

Drawbacks of Bluetooth finder app

  1. This app is only compatible with ios 8 or later versions of iPad. 2. It only works when the iPad is connected/paired to the apple pencil. 3. In case you have disabled or re-opened the bluetooth after misplacing your pencil 

this app will not help you in that condition. 4. If you have restarted your iPad after losing your pencil in such case also you 

should not expect any help from this app. 5. This app can locate the device within the distance of 30 feet(approx) so if you 

have lost your pencil outside your house then this app cannot help you. 

To conclude this app is not a permanent solution to find a lost apple pencil. It can only provide you temporary help. This app works great if you have lost your pencil a few minutes back. With all these things in mind the clear advice from my side would be, use your apple pencil carefully, keep it always at a safe place and if you are using iPad pro then you should keep this app downloaded. I would request to the company to find a permanent solution or any tracking app for this problem. 

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