Free Elite Royale Pass Season 9 in PUBG Mobile? See Here

PUBG is the most trending game these days. A big part of gamers all over the world is engaged in getting enjoyment by participating in its battles. With the battles, there are numerous impressive features available in the game such as – Royale Pass. The game is including two types of Royale passes those are –

  • Free
  • Elite

Everyone is trying to own the Elite Royale pass for availing several benefits. These passes can be owned by paying the real money.

PUBG Mobile Elite Pass Tutorial

Everyone is trying to get the elite passes for free in the game. On the internet, players can get options related to different types of external sources for such a task.

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Know More about Elite Royale Pass

Mainly when it comes to spend funds on upgrading the royale pass, then there are two options appear –

  • Elite upgrade
  • Elite plus upgrade

The way of elite plus upgrade is the most beneficial in getting the game success. By activating or upgraded the royale passes, the players will get some in-game stuff. In the case of both elite pass types, these items are completely different. Following details can help you in getting knowledge about these things.

Elite Plus Upgrade

  • Airplane’s rare finish (permanent)
  • Rare sweatshirt (permanent)
  • Weapon’s rare finish (permanent)
  • Wanderer outfit (permanent)
  • Unique icon of Royale Pass
  • Weekly elite missions available
  • Worth Royale Points 20 ranks

Elite Upgrade

  • Unique icon of Royale Pass
  • Weekly elite missions available
  • Rare sweatshirt (permanent)
  • Weapon’s rare finish (permanent)

With the help of the mentioned details, you can easily get a clear difference between both types of passes.


How to Get the Elite Royale Passes?

As per the game rules, the players those are interested in upgrading their account to elite pass they need to gather UC first. The players need the following amount of UC –

  • Elite Plus Royale Pass Upgrade – 1800 UC
  • Elite Royale Pass Upgrade – 600 UC

Now the question appears how to earn UC in the game. It is the premium currency of the game and players are able to get it by spending real money only. Due to it, you can say that the pass upgrades are based on the use of real money indirectly. Following are some UC purchase plans –

  • 99 $ for 60 UC
  • 99 $ for 180 UC additional 10
  • 99 $ for 600 UC additional 60
  • 99 $ for 1500 UC additional 300

These are some examples you can see numerous other plans in the game store for such a task.

Final words

All players do not feel comfortable by spending real cash in the game. For these types of players some online sources are offering free services. In case you are going to take help from the online sources then you need to be careful. Try to find out the source which is offering genuine services only. It can be possible by checking out the reviews and rating of that particular source.

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