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November 18, 2021
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Football Strike is completely based on soccer. By playing this particular game, the players can get a realistic soccer experience. It happens only with the help of its high-definition graphics and impressive features. The features are also including different types of modes with a variety of options.And also with Football Strike Mod APK you can unlock more features.

  • Shooting race
  • Free kicks

Football Strike Tutorial

These are two major modes of the game. In the free-kicks mode, the players need to perform two roles turn by turn, goalkeeper and striker. There are total 5 rounds, and similar activities are performed by your opponent. The player who gets success in posting maximum should be considered as the winner.

In case of shooting race mode, the players need to hit a target. Target appears in the goalpost. On each and every hit the players will get some points. These points can help them in making sure their success in the game. Following are some tips to play better in other modes.

Consider corners

Posting the maximum number of goals is the main objective of all types of players. For such a task they need to hit the ball and make an aim properly. If you are targeting the corners, then the chances of a successful goal become higher. This particular time can help you a lot in free kicks and shooting race mode.

Control the speed

For creating confusion in front of the opponents, the players need to show speed. The speed is not becoming beneficial in all situations. The player is required to increase and decrease speed with proper control. In case you do not have control on the speed then opponents can take its advantage.

Do practice

As we know that “practice makes a man perfect.” Similarly, in the game, the players need to do proper practice by which they can master the game playing skills. With it, proper practice is highly beneficial in getting how to play the game properly and perform different types of moves.

Perfect Aim

During the match, the aim is playing the most important role. The players those are not able to aim the target properly they cannot be able to do a single goal. Consequently, they can get defeated in the match. If you are facing issues with the aim, then you should definitely consider more practice. The way of practice can help you in overcoming the drawback and become a good player.

Curve shots

In the match, the players need to use different types of moves and shots. They should try to give a curve to the ball direction. This particular thing can help them a lot in getting success and avoiding opponents. As a result, the players can make a pass and attempt for a goal without any kind of issue.

All the mentioned tips can help you a lot in getting that how to play the game properly. In case you are not able to perform these types of activities then you cannot get success easily in the game. You should try to become an expert player by following the tips carefully.

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