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FIFA 19 is one of the best football based games. By playing it, the players are able to get a realistic football experience. In the game, the players are able to enjoy both single player and multiplayer mode. The players need to perform properly in both types of matches.

It depends on the players that in which way they want to play the game.

FIFA 19 Tutorial

Following tips can help you in playing the game properly.

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  1. Create a Good Team

In the game, the players need to control a team on the ground properly. With it, the creation of the team is completely based on the decision of players. The players need to choose the best characters for the team. While choosing the characters, the player should be focused on the skills. Try to choose characters with different skills and positions.

  1. Keep moving

On the ground, make a grip on the football is the biggest thing. At once your team gets the ball after that you should put proper efforts by which you do not lose the ball. For such a task, the players need to move the players regularly. Regular movement and ball passing activities create a big confusion for opponents. Due to the confusion, the opponents are not able to crack the strategy.

  1. Do Practice

Everyone wants to perform properly in the game. For such a task, the players are required to focus on skills and some other elements. These things can be sharpened by considering the way of practice. The way of practice is also helpful in several ways such as –

  • Building a good team spirit
  • Sharpening the team skills
  • All these things can be improved only with the help of proper practice only.
  1. A Good Strategy

For winning the matches, the players need to take help from a good strategy. A good strategy is formed by paying attention to several things such as –

  • Team efforts
  • Way of playing
  • Skills of characters


In case you are not keeping all these factors in the mind then you are not able to form a good and highly beneficial strategy. After forming the strategy properly, the players need to test it in the single-player mode before using it finally. These activities are beneficial in making sure that they are using the best strategy or not.

  1. Be Defensive

Some players are considering the way of attacking strategies only in the game. Every time the way of attacking gameplay is not providing lots of benefits. In some cases, the players need to take help from the defensive techniques. These types of defensive strategies are helpful in avoiding the stronger opponents.

  1. Use Currency Properly

The players are required to unlock different types of cards in the game. These types of cards are considered as the characters of your team. For all these things you need to spend funds. You should use funds carefully and try to save it as more possible.

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