Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk Dragon Stones, Stamina Free

Nothing can be more entertaining than enjoy RPG games on mobile devices. They are a great source of good entertainment because you can start playing them anytime. Nothing can be more fascinating than having fun with the huge heroes on your fingertips. You should play them in your spare time and enjoy games like Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. It is a lovely game and people of every age group can have great fun and entertainment by playing it. It is available on the Google play store and there is nothing that you have to pay to start playing it.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tutorial


The graphics and other features of the game are remarkable. The colorful characters that are shown in the game will take your heart away and you will fall in love with it. Millions of downloads are done which reveal the fact it is being already popular.

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  1. Gameplay

The gameplay of the Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle is very nice. The player must be able to collect a huge number of dragon stones and unlock the new characters. Many characters are there to try with and you will have to pay dragon stones to get them in your collection. More powerful players mean that you will be having more chances to win the battles. Numerous kinds of battles are there to fight and by crushing your enemies down you can even collect more virtual wealth.

  1. Training characters

You should know the fact that many characters are there to fight. In order to gain a master in the game, the player must be able to train every single character. Winning is not that must easy when you don’t have a perfect team of the trained heroes. Thus Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle game will also let you know about the importance of the training sessions.

  1. Chart of the characters

The player must also know the fact that there are some very good characters available. In order to gain mastery in the art of selection in good characters, you must explore your options in the right manner. Make the chart and remember it well.

  1. Track down dragon balls

The player must be able to track down the seven balls. There are seven dragon balls which are the most important segments of the game. By finding them out you will be able to level up your game and will be able to gain more success in the game.


  1. Daily rewards

This may sound very simple and easy but it is true. You can simply get huge rewards by just coming to the game on the regular basis. You should come to the game on the regular basis and claim the rewards. We do understand the fact that doing this can be hard sometime but just claim the daily rewards and try your game some other day to have more fun in it.


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