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Dice with Ellen from the developer Scopely is a board game which is getting huge popularity. The features of the game are not behind the popularity only. You can find that the game is based on Ellen DeGeneres and the cover is also the same. If you love her show, then you must be hitting the download button and giving it a try.

Apart from Ellen, this is a usual board game with pretty much similar features and gameplay. The gameplay is quite impressive and addictive that’s why you are going to love it for sure. You have to roll the dice and play this game with friends and family. You have the limited number of rolls. If you want to progress faster, then you must focus on the collection of rolls.

Dice with Ellen Gameplay and Tutorial

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If you can’t get the required amount, then it is typical to play. Let’s learn some of the easy to follow tips and be the best gamer with ease.

Always Pay Attention To The Perfect side

It is important that you must be looking at the right side that can help with the faster progression. You must be filling up the right side, and it is not an easy thing. Many people focus on both sides, but the right one is always better to prefer then you should look at the left column. As you fill both before others, then you win the match. It is absolutely easy and reliable option.

Large Combos of Small Numbers are Waste

Many gamers try to collect a small number in a large amount but it is not a good option, and you can’t rely on it. Instead of collecting combos of a small number, always focus on the better numbers. They are always better, and the chances of winning are higher. If you are getting the fiveapalooza bonus, then you can rely on small numbers. Otherwise, you should be avoiding it.

Earning Currencies

There is no doubt in the fact that there are two major currencies in the game. The very first currency of the game is Diamond, and the premium currency of the game is rerolls. If you are trying hard but not capable of earning a good amount then the in-app purchase option pings in mind but make sure to avoid it.


Try out special events because these offer you a good amount of diamonds. To earn rerolls, you can try out advertisements. It is really easy and highly reliable because you have to watch some advertisement and a decent number of rerolls will be added to your account. Isn’t it better and reliable option? You can try it out now and get rid of all the issues.

Don’t waste Rerolls

While playing Dice With Ellen, most of the gamers go crazy on rerolls, and they begin to use all. But, it isn’t a better option at all. Even chances of facing lately are higher. Reroll can help in the tough situations and provide a good number that is enough to help you out. But, it is not helpful always. Try to limit the use of reroll and then you are capable of progressing faster in the game.

Try Different Modes

As you can find that this game is the little bit unique from most of the dice games and if you love it then make sure to try out different modes. There are many modes available which are very easy and fun to play. So, give them a try and learn the basics of

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