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Strategy based games are considered by lots of individuals all over the world. Everyone is trying to spend a great and entertaining time. Clash of Kings is a good option for these types of people. In the game, you need to be focused on different aspects.

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  • City building
  • Battles

For getting a quick success, you should try to create a perfect balance in both concepts. By winning the battles, you are able to collect some funds for city development. With it, you can earn some trophies or specific points by which you can hold a good position in the game.

  1. Multiplayer game

It is designed with the addition of multiplayer concept. It means you can face other real-world players as opponents. In the battle, you need to attack the villages of others and try to destroy them completely.

During the attack, you need to deploy the armies or troops carefully. If you do not use the troops in a perfect manner, then you may not get proper loot. With it, the defense may easily take down your troops by which you may get defeated.

  1. Be strategic

When it comes to win the battles, then the most important factors are troops in case you are going to attack. Before start attacking, you should try to inspect the opponent’s base and form an attacking strategy. Lack of strategy will lead to an improper or in-efficient attack.

In the case of defense, you are required to prepare base strategically. For it, you should place the defensive buildings or units wisely on the base. Try to provide protection to the essentials.

  1. Be a part of the alliance

In the game, you are able to become a part of alliances. The players can create their own alliance or become a part of one that already exists. The alliance can help you in getting essentials and building a strong base.


  1. Create a powerful army

For getting a victory in battles, you should try to focus on troops or armies every time. Here, you need to focus on lots of things such as – upgrading the troops. Try to add dragons in the army for effective and winning attacks.

  1. HD graphics

By considering its way, the players can get lots of entertainment. The game is developed with the addition of high definition graphics. Availability of such graphics can help you in getting a great virtual world experience.

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