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Battleheart 2 from Mika Mobile is trending installment in Role Playing Genre due to its intense number of features and realistic visuals. The easy to play gameplay and interactive graphics may be good to make you rely on this game, but the in-game currency is still the big issue that can cause numerous problems with the progression.

Gold is a primary and important currency to progress in the game. Crystals are premium, and these are really rare to earn. In order to earn a good amount and progressing faster, the below given are top 5 easy to follow tips that can help you out for sure.

Battleheart 2 MAX Level Tutorial

Make sure that you pay attention to all the tips and don’t miss any of them otherwise chances of getting into issues higher.

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  1. Don’t Miss Tutorials

Due to intense UI and lots of features, the game can be typical to understand. It can lead to various issues lately that’s why you should learn the pure basics and don’t miss the tutorials. All the additional tweaks offered are playing an important role with the progression, and you should not miss anything. By considering the tutorials, you will learn to progress faster and getting rid of all the issues.

  1. Learn to Combat – Basics

Combating against an opponent can be typical until you are not known about basics. Due to this reason, you should learn these three things for sure. These are as follow –

  • Offensive playing is important, and you have to take control of four adventures against enemies.
  • Progression isn’t possible until you focus on defense. Each character has three abilities that can help with defense from enemies.
  • By using the heartier tank character, you can rip off monsters because they are all about higher armor values and the heartier tank is enough to get rid of all.

These three are some common things that you should be learning whereas you have to practice the basics to get better in the game.

  1. Swapping Character

As the gameplay is the little bit intense, you may not find the option to swap characters. Well, it can set you in many issues lately but if you want to get rid of all then swapping is a great option which can come handy and fulfill your needs.


There are total 12 heroes, and you can get four of them in a battle. However, you have to choose the right one for your battle. You have to open the menu screen, tap and hold on the character’s icon that you want to swap. By scrolling through potential replacement, you can swap the character.

  1. Spending Resources

There are two major currencies, and you have to spend both of them wisely otherwise it is not easy to progress. To begin, you can start with the upgrade of heroes to increase their HP and ATK which will make you progress with ease.  Make sure that you follow all the tips wisely to get rid of all being the best gamer in the nick of time.

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