Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk Hack – Gold/Money for Free

Adventure Capitalist is developed on the basis of a completely different genre which is incremental. In the game, the players are able to enjoy the single-player mode. The players need to be focused on earning lots of currency and expand their region. Mainly the game has three different areas for playing such as –

  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Mars

The game begins on the Moon area. In the beginning, the players have a lemonade stand only.

Adventure Capitalist Tutorial

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With the game is featured with different types of currencies such as –

  • Gold
  • Idle cash
  • Megabucks

All three types of currencies are helpful in availing several benefits and using for the in-game progress. With the help of upcoming facts, the players can know that how to earn a good amount of currency easily.

Sources to Earn Free Gold

Gold is the premium currency and can be used for some premium activities such as – gold upgrades. Everyone wants to gather a big amount of currency of gold in the game, and the following ways can help the players here.

Consider events

In the game, the players can see different types of events with various types of rewards. The reward list of these events also includes gold. For grabbing the reward winning opportunity, the players need to participate in events as they launch.

Follow pages of developer

In the game menu, you can see two types of specific options those are – follow & like. By accessing these options, the players can visit the official page of the developer on twitter & facebook. Following or liking these pages can help the players in receiving gold as a reward for free.

Watch advertisements

The players should consider the way to short video clips for earning a good amount of gold. These videos are based on the promotional content. Watching these types of videos will consume a few minutes only. An icon which is representing these types of offers in available in the screen’s right side.

Reach milestones

There are some milestones created by the developers. When players achieve to reach the milestones by leveling up the business, then they are awarded with reward. The reward is provided in the form of gold. For leveling up the business, the players need to get lots of success in the game quickly.


Activities in Earth adventures

As we discussed above, there are different areas available in the game. When anyone unlocks Earth adventures with the business option, then they will receive gold. Here, the players can get maximum 25 gold as the reward of achievement.

In-app purchases

Players those want to get fund quickly without waiting they can consider in-app purchases. Here, you can exchange gold with real money. Within a few seconds of completing the payment, the players can see gold in the account.

By following all these ways, the players are able to clear all currency earning related queries. With it, the players should try to put lots of efforts by which they can unlock and claim different types of rewards.

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